‘To The Bone’ Works Hard To Do Justice To The Realities Of Anorexia [Review]

Addiction has long been one of Hollywood’s favorite muses. It makes for empowering, emotionally charged films about one of life’s most trying personal battles. Of course, the success and believability of these sorts of movies vary wildly: for every “Half Nelson” and “Trainspotting” there’s a “Thanks For Sharing” or “Flight” (which was fuelled by a fine performance, but in the end was little more than histrionics). Such movies are packed with personal demons, hallucinations and — in a lot of cases — triumph, a set of frames that veteran TV director Marti Noxon’s feature debut “To The Bone” fits nicely inside of.  The rest…


Published by Gary Joshua Garrison

Gary Joshua Garrison lives in Spain.

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