Younger than myself

UPDATED: Three men charged in armed bank robbery

This story was both disheartening and fascinating.

There is the inherent interest in the story of three men robbing a bank. A high-speed chase. A spike strip. A foot chase. Plus the fact that at the start of the morning we were trying to stay ahead of the story and figure out if three men in the county jail were those arrested on suspicion.

But at the core was a deeply sad story about three men younger than myself robbing a bank with a girlfriend’s car while looking after a girlfriend’s baby, all for less than $3,000.

I came to study journalism because I want to write about why these things happen. What drives this sort of crime. To use language and reporting to keep these men, and their very prevalent struggles human.

So, I have to remind myself that this is part of the story. And I can do a service by doing the best possible job I can. By staying sharp and looking to the details and turning over the best, most accurate story I can.

Then, in the future, I can play Al Baker and try to do more.


Published by Gary Joshua Garrison

Gary Joshua Garrison lives in Spain.

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