A Love Letter To Literature

The 50th Anniversary of John Williams’ Stoner John Williams’s Stoner — which this month is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a tastefully geometric hardback edition from New York Review Books — is a quiet novel; a portrait painted in sober tones of the life of a somber, unremarkable man, a story that unfolds softly andContinue reading “A Love Letter To Literature”

Careful, considerate, thoughtful, thorough

“Single-vehicle crash on I-70 sends four people to hospital” Again, another story where I would have liked to have been more thoughtful. This time I think I simply got caught up turning over the clip. I was less than as careful as I would have liked to have been. I got conflicting facts and simplyContinue reading “Careful, considerate, thoughtful, thorough”

Grimy patina

There are plenty of arguments to make about threats to journalism. There is Reince Priebus coming out last week and talking about changing libel laws. There is rampant distrust of facts, the liberal media and anything claiming to be bipartisan. There is Donald Trump and his ilk of truth-bucking cronies. And there are journalists themselves, whoContinue reading “Grimy patina”

‘General community cohesion’

Trump’s proposed budget could put ‘general community cohesion’ at risk This was one of my favorite pieces to report on this semester. Similar to covering the ACA, I think this sort of feature is so valuable to the public: I want to help people understand what high-level governmental policy can mean for them, down onContinue reading “‘General community cohesion’”