‘Whose Streets?’

‘Whose Streets?’ is a ‘correction of the narrative’ about Ferguson This assignment came sort of late and round about. True/False was in full swing and, essentially, we were looking for a chance to take a deeper look at a film — especially with Vox covering reviews for the films and a handful of other reportersContinue reading “‘Whose Streets?’”

Playing catch-up

Part of Ninth Street closed for True/False festivities I think my favorite part of writing this little story was simply getting a little tangled up in some True/False chaos (delightful chaos, to be sure). Certainly it’s an important little piece, but felt like the sort of thing I would skim if I came upon it.Continue reading “Playing catch-up”

‘By The Book’

Social media posts started relationships that ended in terrorist suspect’s indictment When I first considered the thought of being a journalist, it was always this sort of adversarial ideal: checking the power of those who hold it. It’s the sort of journalism that I’ve always admired. So, getting a chance to dive into a story likeContinue reading “‘By The Book’”

Bigger airplanes

This quick write up about the bigger planes being used at the regional airport was my second of Friday, which was another first. Previous to this, everything I’d done had been much more of a focused look at a single story that I used the day researching, planning, and writing. So churning out two stories, briefContinue reading “Bigger airplanes”

“Facebook Stalking”

One of the strangest things I’ve done so far this semester is certainly some good ol’ Facebook stalking. Obviously, this isn’t my first go round on the process, but in the past I’ve always perused the information of people I am at least tangentially related to (via friend or family). Which, I think is theContinue reading ““Facebook Stalking””

Another ACA Protest

For the second Friday in a row I attended a protest against the (potentially no longer) impending repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Since our new president has taken office, there has been, by my humble account, an uptick in political action, including marches, demonstrations and protests. As such, the Missourian (and so many otherContinue reading “Another ACA Protest”