Growling stomachs require filling

Thoughts on Filip Bondy’s “How Vital Are Women? This Town Found Out as They Left to March” I was immediately rubbed the wrong way by this article. Simply the central premise is upsetting: How vital are women? The answer should be inherent, yet for some reason, the value of one half of our society hadContinue reading “Growling stomachs require filling”

A demonstration at Sen. Blunt’s office

The second piece I wrote for the semester, about a demonstration outside of Roy Blunt’s Columbia office, was coverage of another event. This one during a GA shift. It was another interesting thing to get to watch unfold. Demonstrators packed in to the lobby of Blunt’s office and shared some moving stories about how ObamacareContinue reading “A demonstration at Sen. Blunt’s office”

Poor Man’s Breakfast

January 16, 2017 Almeta Crayton’s Community Programs hosted the 24th annual Poor Man’s Breakfast in honor of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Covering the event was my first assignment for the Missourian. I’m not sure it could have gone better for me as a reporter. Everybody involved in the breakfast was incredibly kind andContinue reading “Poor Man’s Breakfast”

Where’s The Critique? Overlooking -isms In The Jungle Book And Everybody Wants Some!!

The nuanced art of the review is not one often discussed in the mainstream. Reviews for books and albums and movies are — at their best — read, taken into consideration, and, ideally, embraced or discounted (more often they are simply forgotten). It’s a process that frequently subjects them and their authors to questions ofContinue reading “Where’s The Critique? Overlooking -isms In The Jungle Book And Everybody Wants Some!!”